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K’áhshó Got’ı̨nę governance processes recognize the Community Assembly (CA) as the ultimate authority and decision-making body. The Assembly consists of all K’áhshó Got’ı̨nę citizens - every citizen is eligible to attend and participate in any meeting of the CA. All final decisions on important issues, including those relating to self-government, must be discussed and approved by the Assembly. The Secretariat acknowledges and follows this protocol.


We have positioned our Community Assembly as the most important part of our capacity to develop mandate and the success of this is demonstrated through our organizational planning. We have had considerable success in getting the phrase ‘review the progress of the negotiations in realizing the mandates, policies, and vision’ into the collective consciousness and as the only voice of self-government, we strive to be often described as the ‘highly respected and influential self-government negotiations team.’

International Mother Language Day

Fort Good Hope

This annual global event was founded to promote and celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity around the world. To celebrate this day we will be inviting everyone to share a favorite word or phrase in K’áhshó Got’ı̨nę language on our social media platforms on February 21.

Community Engagement Workshops

Fort Good Hope

In Community Engagement Workshops, KG members take part in projects and initiatives where they contribute to KG self-government negotiations process. The events help us develop relationships and support the goal of community organization locally and beyond.

Community Assembly

Fort Good Hope

The Community Assembly sits at least once a year. The KG Assembly is the law making body for the Secretariat. The Assembly is composed of all Citizens. Every Citizen is eligible to attend and participate in any meeting of the Community Assembly which may direct the negotiations mandate.


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